Our People

Our People

John Rhys, our current Chairman has this to say about tenancies: "Our tenanted business is fundamental to the success of our Company. We have more tenancies than managed houses and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. In today’s challenging climate, we are committed to doing everything we can to support our tenants and help them run highly successful pubs. Pubs that customers wish to visit regularly and pubs that are often at the heart of the communities they serve. This is what we strive to do today and are committed to doing even more effectively in the future. Your success is our success, so our partnership is crucial to allowing your pub and our business to prosper."

Our People

Philip Lay, Retail Director, who looks after our retail divisons as a whole; managed houses, leased and tenanted pub and Coffee #1

Ross Matthews

Martin Tranter

Nigel Walters

This team of BDMs combined with the wider business has decades of experience running and working in the pub industry and will be able to help you with most of the opportunities and issues you will encounter.

Business Support is a department supporting everyone from our corporate staff to our tenants. You will encounter them when looking at things like property and maintenance.

Customer Sales are here to communicate all of the offers we will have available on beverages for you to take advantage of. They will take your beer order and ensure that the deliveries happen on time and efficiently.

Beer Quality Executives are on hand to provide cellar support, with advice from cleaning lines to changing barrels. They will visit you within the first few weeks of taking on the business & subsequently as and when they’re needed.

Marketing are here to provide all kinds of promotional support, including posters, seasonal kits and POS. More information about the marketing support we offer can be found our 5 Pillars Support page.

Credit Control will look after your accounts, from invoicing to paying your rent. Any monetary queries can be resolved here.